Pete Lyon

I'm an artist at present working out of Delph, Saddleworth.

I grew up in Liverpool, England; lived for a time Adelaide, South Australia and eventually settled in Leeds, Yorkshire. My schooling was at at St Mary's College, Crosby and Croydon Boys Technical High School, Adelaide. Following that I got my BA (upper second) in Fine Art at Liverpool College of Art and Design, then Teacher Training qualifications in Leeds. A career as a lecturer in Illustration and Computer Programming in various Further and Higher Education institutions followed. At the same time a growing reputation as a cover artist and illustrator specialising in speculative fiction and children's books developed and eventually I became a freelance artist.

An interest in technology and Science Fiction attracted me to the nascent computer games industry and thus my output came to be dominated by the lucrative demands of simple pixel graphics. From these humble beginnings developed an all encompassing workload of graphic production, teaching and management in this increasingly complex field; the high level skills of 3D modelling and animation being acquired en route. I find myself, to my evident surprise, working largely in Manchester and thence living in Saddleworth.

Currently I'm concentrating on building a body of work that reflects more closely my interests and character, largely free from technological or financial considerations - seduced again by pigment and paper. Interested mainly in landscape and texture with an unapologetic predilection for semi-realism, concentrating more and more on dilapidation and distress with a sideline in graphical whimsy.