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Artwork - Portfolio of Pete Lyon's art and graphics

A Portfolio of Art and Graphics by Pete Lyon

Painting and Drawing painting and drawing
Images in various styles and media, largely done for the pleasure and pain of it.  Aspects of landscape and texture: dilapidation distress and the timeworn, together with a persistent strain of whimsy.  These images are mostly free of technological or financial considerations... seduced by pigment and paper.
Game Graphics Games Graphics
I've worked in the Games Industry on and off since its inception, way back when.  From the bitty Spectrum and Amiga to the latest next-gen bonanzas; I have been responsible for computer based graphics in a variety of formats and pushed many a pixel and poly.  Here are are some examples taken from a much larger archive.
Commercial Art Design and Illustration
My output includes commercial graphics for the advertising and publishing industries.  As well as book covers in the SF and Fantasy genres and general illustrative content, I've produced images for various on-line or interactive projects and undertaken a range of visualisation and diagrammatic tasks in 2D and 3D.
Photography Photography
Photography is something I enjoy as being both useful and creative.  Often the impetus behind the pictures hovers between the aesthetic, practical and the conventionally personal.  This applies particularly to my love of capturing textured surfaces, memorable landscape or architectural detail, all of which naturally feeds back into my other efforts.
Fanzine Illos Scientifiction
I was heavily involved in SF Fandom and drew loads of illos for other fans. Its a site I've set up to mimic the fondly remembered fanzines and show some of the drawings done for those pre-digital publications - it now seems like another age.  I've also included a number of scribbles and doodles from my sketchbooks.  Click on the logo to start... or use the navigation boxes.
Personal Information

Curriculum Vitae
A bit about myself....   I am always on the look out for commissions, freelance or salaried work so why not drop me a line if you have any offers or comments?

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